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18-55 Productions

Published on February 21, 2017 - 1 min.

Last week we launched the new website for 18-55 Productions!

18-55 is a video production company, based in Bordeaux. They work with various brands such as DC Shoes, Orange, or even Electronic Arts amongst many others. Their goal was to get a website that could put a focus on the content (their productions) and at the same time show that they also act as a platform for different type of professions revolving around their line of work. That's why they're surrounded by various artists, photographers, writers and videographers which allow them to quickly put up a team of talented people for the projects they're working on.

Their second desire was to get a back-office which would allow them to add/remove content quickly and easely. Wordpress was the obvious choice, and together we came up with a minimalistic design based on a grid of squares which allowed them to reorder the whole site as they please. They were immediately thrilled by this approach and after a few exchanges between their CEO, the Production Manager and myself we agreed on this design. All in all I'm really happy with what we came up with and so far the feedback after launch is rather positive.

Thanks a lot to 18-55 for their time and dedication to this project!