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I mainly work with modern tools and frameworks, such as Symfony, Vue.js, WordPress, Eleventy...

I'm a web developper with over 15 years of experience, and I've been a freelancer since 2012.

I work with Open Source CMS, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, PHP and MySQL. My clients are web agencies and companies of all sizes.

Tailor-made development

Thanks to the Open Source frameworks Symfony and Vue.js, I help my clients with deploying solutions that are efficient, modern and maintainable.

Symfony Vue.js

Benefit from a fast and efficient API.

By combining Symfony and Vue.js with an API, I can create dynamic applications that communicate efficiently. Whether for web interfaces, web applications, or integrated with third-party APIs, this approach offers an optimal flexibility.

Therefore, deploying a single-page-application (SPA) and implementing reusable components becomes quick and straightforward. This ensures a smooth user experience and more efficient project management.


Modern and proven techniques.

I make sure my code is solid by integrating practices such as unit testing and using TypeScript. This approach ensures a smooth deployment, minimizing side effects and regressions. Thus, your project benefits from a solid foundation, promoting peace of mind during releases in production.

Benefit from a well-organized and accessible source code.

Ensuring that the delivered code can be maintained and knowing how to manage the technical debt are crucial issues. This is why I opt for Open Source systems that provide a certain longevity, supported by community-driven contributions, with frequent and verified updates. Thus, the deployment of your code comes with an assurance of sustainability.


WordPress / JAMStack development

To allow you to benefit from a simple and familiar administration, or for projects requiring maximum execution speed, I use WordPress and the JAMStack.

Wordpress JAMStack

WordPress, the Swiss Army knife of the web.

Whether for a corporate website, news publishing through a blog, or an online booking system, WordPress's reputation speaks for itself. With its simple administration interface, you'll be able to manage your website on your own with ease.


A solution tailored for your needs.

Regardless of the problem at hand, I create a custom theme that closely aligns with the expressed needs. This approach simplifies the updates for your website and ensures an optimal compatibility with the newest versions of the WordPress Core and the plugins used.

Static sites, a return to basics.

Because they excel in terms of speed and security, I use static site generators to offer solutions that allow for a rapid deployment, all the while allowing for easy content updates and maintaining a clean code base. Thanks to Eleventy, it's possible to smoothly and afforably launch a website that stays flexible, remarkably fast and extremely lightweight.



I'm making use of my experience in teamwork and my penchant for effective productivity methods to deploy robust, developer-friendly, and maintainable code.



Thanks to my SCRUM experience, I can work alone or in a team. I can also implement a Continuous Integration workflow that helps prevent regressions.



I work with an RWD / Mobile First approach for the frontend. I ensure the robustness of my code with unit testing. When in a team, I help with PRs and code review.



I adhere to coding standards and utilize tools such as Prettier or PHPCS to deliver code that meets standards and has a high level of maintainability.